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1. Be the host

Give your guests the essential details for the event. Avoid the last-minute “What must we bring?” messages by deciding what you want to supply and asking family and friends to help with drinks, salads & sides

2. Put together a cured meat & cheese board

You’ll know a few days ahead that you’re hosting so keep your eyes peeled for that special cheese, a rustic loaf, or a preserve from the farmers market for your guests to snack on arrival.

3. Get the best out of your meats

Know how to get the best out of your steaks by taking them out the fridge at least 30-60 minutes before cooking to allow them to reach room temperature. Get comfortable preparing and seasoning your steaks so you can dry, char and cook them just right.

4. Show some sleight of hand

Maybe it’s a homemade chimichurri, some fresh herbs or a squeeze of lemon; but a little extra effort can go a long way to elevate flavors and impress your guests. 

5. Bring a vibe

Keep your guests guessing! Whether it’s a blind wine tasting, cocktail pairing or creative playlist, try to inject that extra bit of fun into the day… Sombreros anyone?

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