Our Story


Dylan and Matt met while playing rugby at the University of Cape Town. Having both played professionally around the world, they reunited on the rugby field for Hong Kong’s National XV team. 

One Saturday evening standing over a fire with beers in hand, they longed for certain home comforts, specifically biltong. 

Being active athletes, they both favored biltong as a healthy, high protein snack to grab on the go. Since that fire-side chat, Biltong Chief has become the leading biltong brand in Hong Kong.

Dylan has relocated to Ireland to expand Biltong Chief’s operation into Europe while Matt currently has every corner of Hong Kong barbecuing.


Bringing Biltong to Hong Kong

Biltong Chief teamed up with their local biltong butcher located in the heart of South Africa. Biltong is traditionally made from sliced beef that is air-dried and then cured with seasonings and herbs.

Working with a butcher with over 50 years’ of experience, the team have developed an authentic recipe balancing tradition, modern health and consumer trends.


At Biltong Chief, our mission is simple:

Give customers a great shopping, health and social experience by providing quality products with friendly and professional service.


As best as possible, if you’re not happy with the quality of product we’ll refund you.


When you buy meat online from Biltong Chief, you know you’re getting quality meat and seafood products at great value.

  1. Trusted online butcher and exotic meats deli in Hong Kong
  2. Temperature-controlled delivery, 7 days a week
  3. Multiple channels of customer support

We pride ourselves on value, quality and friendly customer service with the priority being that you have a lekker (South African slang for “good”) experience.


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