The Chief knows how important getting the fire set up for your braai/bbq so below is a bit of help on “How to light the perfect braai fire” – the blow extract was taken from the blog written by Katlego Sekano and appeared on

1. Embrace the air

If you own a braai with a lid and air vents, make sure that you remove the lid and open up the vents before you start.Charcoal needs enough air to burn so check that your braai’s vents aren’t clogged.You should also take the time to clean out your braai, removing burnt food and all the ash from the bottom of the grill.

2. Prepare your firelighters

Break a few firelighters into small pieces and place them inside the braai.

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3. Make a pyramid out of briquettes

Using briquettes, build a pyramid on top of the firelighters. Just make sure that you can still access the firelighters.Alternatively, you can simply pile your charcoal into a chimney starter, which will make the process easier and quicker to start.

4. Light your firelighters

Using a long match, ignite your firelighters and add more briquettes to the braai. Make sure that your briquettes ‘take’ and don’t be tempted to replace the lid.

5. Arrange your coals

It should take 25 to 30 minutes for your coals to turn grey. Once they’re light grey with a bit of ash and a red glow, you can rearrange using a pair of braai tongs.Place your braai grid over the coals and start cooking with Biltong Chief BBQ Meats.

Enjoy and let us know how you get on or tell us your favourite fire lighting tips.

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