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Sirloin is the deboned loin muscle, perfectly shaped for portioning into steaks. The Sirloin is trimmed of tendon and excess fat. The proportion of fat to lean results in a perfect “juicy” beef experience.

Grass-Fed Sirloin 250g (RSA)

SKU: 9578
  • All our products are imported fresh and have never been previously frozen unless specifically outlined. This enables you to receive fresh meat and gives you the choice whether or not you would like to freeze it.

    Our meat is vacuum packed and stored at 0-4 degrees celsius allowing ultimate freshness and quality.

    We recommend using the product in 3-5 days of receiving if kept in a regular household refrigerator.

    All products can be kept frozen for 3 months.

  • It is advised to let your fresh meat "air" out for around 7-10 minutes once it has been removed from the vacuum packaging and prior to cooking.


    Thaw frozen sealed foods inside your refrigerator. If you need to defrost faster than this alternate techniques include immersing the package in cold water or using your microwave if you plan to cook right away. Do not thaw foods at room temperature.