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Tomahawk Steak (800g)


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Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Tomahawk steak, carefully crafted from A-Grade beef that has been tenderly grass-fed for 180-210 days and grain-finished for 120-160 days. Savour the rich marbling and succulent texture that comes from this meticulous attention to detail, offering a steak experience that is truly unparalleled. With every bite, you’ll experience the culmination of superior quality and exceptional taste, making this Tomahawk steak a true masterpiece for your next barbecue.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Feed: Grass Fed (180-210 Days) & Grain Finished (120-160 Days)
  • Halaal Certified: Yes
  • Chilled/Frozen: Frozen


A-Grade Tomahawk Steak

Also known as bone-in rib-eye (with an extra length bone), tomahawk axe, or the steak that Fred Flintstone ate. A rib-eye and short rib in one. The bone imparts extra flavour and acts as a barrier against flame.

In South Africa, age is the main distinguishing factor in beef classification.

A-Grade South African beef is generally slaughtered at a younger age than those elsewhere around the world. South African beef is regarded as having a lower cholesterol and fat percentage, making it one of the healthiest sources of beef in the world. (Olivier, 2004:12; SAFA, 2010)

A-Grade Tomahawk is a mouth-wateringly tender, restaurant-quality steak free of hormones and antibiotics.

Apply a light amount of oil and season generously with salt, pepper, dry rub, or marinade of choice. Sear and colour on all sides and cook to desired finish.

Pair with a Mushroom, Pepper, or Chimichurri sauce

Please note: We work on average weights, please let us know if your steak is under 720g, and we will happily refund you proportionally. Please note this is not done intentionally.


Grain-finished Beef



Storage & Preparation

Refrigerate or freeze on receipt. Once placed in the fridge, use within 3-4 days if unopened. Alternatively, freeze and consume before the best before date.

If frozen, allow to defrost in the fridge. Take out the fridge and vacuum bag 30 mins prior to cooking to allow the meat to reach room temperature and to release any excess blood.

Dab the meat with a paper towel to remove any surface blood (which can otherwise have a sour taste). Season and cook on a high heat!