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Certified Angus Tomahawk (900g)


Braai, BBQ or Grill! Sear on a high heat. ~850g portioned. Frozen.


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Also known as bone-in rib-eye (with an extra length bone), tomahawk axe, or the steak that Fred Flintstone ate.

A rib-eye and short rib in one. The bone imparts extra flavour and acts as a barrier against flame.

Apply a light amount of oil and season generously with salt, pepper, dry rub or marinade of choice. Sear and colour on all sides and cook to desired finish (See Storage & Preparation for more detailed instructions).

Please note: We work on average weights, please let us know if your steak is under 830g and we will be happy to refund you proportionally. Please note, this is not done intentionally.


100% Angus Beef


No allergens.

Storage & Preparation

Refrigerate or freeze on receipt. Place in the fridge for ~1 days to allow it slowly defrost before consuming. .

Take out the fridge and vacuum bag 60 mins prior to cooking to allow the meat to reach room temperature and to release any excess blood. Over the course of this 60 mins, salt & dab down with paper towel as the meat juices draw. Repeat this several times.

Season and cook on a high heat, when reached desired charring colour on all sides of the meat, use the bone as a cooking barrier and remove from the fire at ~50 deg celsius (rare), afer allowing for resting time it should warm to 55-60 deg celsius (medium rare)!

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