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Beef Brisket Roll 1.8-2kg


Braai, BBQ, Roast! Slow heat. Tied with Butcher’s string. ~1.8-2.0kg portioned. Frozen.


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Beef brisket is one of the most flavourful cuts of beef.  Brisket is quite a tough piece of meat, which is why it requires slow cooking to make sure everything breaks down, leaving you with a tender, juicy piece of meat.

Smoking and braising are your two best options for cooking brisket





Storage & Preparation

– leave in fridge the night before to defrost
– in the morning before cooking, season with Biltong Chief’s Smoked Cajun Meat Rub
– take out of the fridge 1 hour before cooking to rest at room temp. and remove netting
– prepare a water / spray bottle for a brine solution. Try make around 200ml+ with 2 parts water, 1 part oil, 1 part lemon juice / apple cider vinegar & rub ingredients

– use the brine solution for the last 60min+ of cooking on direct flame for flavour and colour on the brisket
– suggest wrapping with shiny-side in foil, cooking slow and low on the BBQ for at least 3 hours. Consider no foil if you are able to roast for longer

– cook with fire on low flames for at least 2 hours keeping lid closed. Remove the foil for the last hour and spray the brisket liberally every 10mins, briefly opening the lid and closing the lid in between.

– increase the heat towards the end of the hour if the meat is not sufficiently coloured
– if you have a thermometer, when the internal temperature of your brisket hits around 200F you can remove. Let rest for 30mins and slice thinly