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Fresh Canadian Oysters


Earn up to 950 Tribal Points.

Fresh Oysters from Canada. Delivered fresh to your door in a temperature controlled truck. 

Gold Medal award in North America. Cultured in natural habitat of the Canadian Atlantic Coast.

Brand: French Kiss

Taste & Texture: Plum Oyster for the size. A taste of the ocean with a long lasting sweet finish. Light in flavour, with no fishy or metallic taste

Size: 60-75g

Preparation: Closed and requires opening or “shucking”

Delivery: Only available Monday to Friday. Please email or +85256959184 for more info



Theme your Next Hosting Event with Affordable Elegance. Pair Oysters with Methode Cap Classique (double fermented bubbly, the same style as Champagne).

In less than a decade, Maison BeauSoleil’s oysters have established the North American standard in achievement for quality and taste. Whether in Canada, the United States, Japan and even in Hong Kong, fine enthusiasts around the world recognize our products.

Eating a BeauSoleil oyster is not only the pleasure of savouring a seafood product, it is also a fine dining experience. Each oyster from Maison BeauSoleil offers both salty and sweet tastes with hints of hazelnut, while offering a full and firm flesh.

To serve BeauSoleil oysters when dining with friends, colleagues or family is to serve nothing but the best.

When it comes to product quality, Maison BeauSoleil has provided over time a specific traceability system and a laboratory capable infrastructure.

These are all tools simply required in order to ensure that distributors, consumers and chefs receive a product that meets their expectations.

In addition to the traceability system and the laboratory, several governmental and private agencies are involved in the inspection of production sites, oysters, methods of processing and transportation.

While meeting the most stringent industry standards, our team at Maison BeauSoleil pays special attention to the breeding technique, but also to the whole process after their arrival at the plant.

With a method called ”just-in-time”, each batch of oysters delivered to the plant is tested, registered in our system and routed as quickly as possible on the market. That is how we are able to offer a fresh product throughout the year.

Still not convinced? Here is a list of our certifications:

  • Ocean Wise, Vancouver Aquarium
  • Gold Medal – Superior Taste, American Masters of Taste
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency [HACCP] (for all exportations to USA, Europe, Asia…)
  • C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Health Benefits: High in Protein; Low in Calories & Saturated Fatty Acid; High in Omega 3 &  Unsaturated Fatty Acid; High in Antioxidants, Skin Health & Immune System, Anti Aging; Rich in Zinc and Reproductive Capacity; High in Minerals, Vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphor, Manganese, Vitamin D and B12

How to Shuck an Oyster?

Step 1: With the rounded side facing upwards and the point facing you, place the oyster on a hard surface. Hold the oyster in place using a napkin. You could also wear a thick glove to protect the hand holding the oyster.

Step 2: When you feel that the knife has reached the hinge region, turn it to separate the shells.

Step 3: While holding the knife along the upper valve, slide it to cut the muscle and remove the shell.

Step 4: Then slide the knife under the meat to cut the lower part of the muscle


Crassostrea Virginica


Molluscs, Bivalves, Shellfish

Storage & Preparation