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Tiger Prawns 1kg (13-15pcs)


Braai, BBQ or Fry-Up! Medium Heat. 13-15 Wild Tiger Prawns. A Product of India. Frozen.


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Cooking these hand-length tiger prawns is subject to preference.

Butterfly, leave on the heads, devein, skewer or a combination of these on a frying pan or BBQ.

These fleshy prawns will absorb flavour so butterfly and stuff with butter, lemon, garlic and ginger. Season generously and top with freshly chopped parsley and squeeze with burnt lemon.

Cook and colour on a medium heat, lightly charring as the shell oranges. Take care not to overcook by reducing the heat. Remove immediately as the prawn flesh turns from translucent to white.  Best eaten hot so don’t mess around and wait for your friends to plate.

Serve with BBQ-toasted garlic breads and a chilled glass of chardonnay.


100% Tiger Prawns


Shellfish / Crustacean

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