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Wagyu Meaty Ribs (3.5kg case)


Braai, BBQ, Grill! High heat. ~3.5kg carton. Frozen. A product of South Africa


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Bulk bag of delicious meaty ribs.

Woodview Wagyu ribeye is a Woodview flagship product. Rest assured that every cut is guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest critic. Expect an extremely high amount of marbling. This cut will amaze you with its flavour and tenderness.

Biltong Chief have teamed up with Woodview Wagyu.

Woodview take extra special care in rearing our Wagyu cattle. They roam freely in a pristine environment with abundant clean air and are only fed natural ingredients the Japanese way. This results in mouth-watering, award-winning beef. Wagyu cattle have been bred for hundreds of years and are regarded as a national treasure in Japan. In fact, for many years only the emperor, his family and his samurai could eat Wagyu beef. We at Woodview Wagyu are proud to extend this special experience to you.

As the first and oldest Wagyu beef producer in South Africa, Woodview are passionate about Wagyu and have years of experience when it comes to breeding superior genetics and excellent Wagyu blood lines


Fullblood Wagyu Beef



Produced in a factory where wheat (gluten), cows’ milk, sulphur dioxide, soya and eggs may be present

Storage & Preparation

Refrigerate or freeze on receipt. Once placed in the fridge, use within 3-4 days if unopened. Alternatively, freeze and consume before the best before date.

If frozen, allow to defrost in the fridge. Take out the fridge and vacuum bag 30 mins prior to cooking to allow the meat to reach room temperature and to release any excess blood.