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Wicklow Wolf IPA "Mammoth" (1 x 440ml)


Mammoth IPA 6.2% craft beer. This is the big, bad wolf of West Coast IPAs. A Mammoth amount of Simcoe, Chinook, Cascade and Eureka! hops give a burst of Floral, Resinous Pine, Grapefruit and mountains of citrus fruit. This punchy IPA is supported by a strong malty backbone.

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Mammoth IPA 6.2% 1 x 440ml Case

This is the big, bad wolf of West Coast IPAs. A Mammoth amount of Simcoe, Chinook, Cascade and Eureka! Hops give a burst of Floral, Resinous Pine, Grapefruit and mountains of citrus fruit. This punchy IPA is supported by a strong malty backbone.


Wicklow, because that is where we opened our brewhouse. Wolf, because the last one ranged freely across the Wicklow countryside, and because the hops we plant on our farm takes its name ‘humulus lupulus’ from that wild and proud creature.

At Wicklow Wolf, we are very proud of having our very own 10-acre hop farm located in Roundwood, co. Wicklow Here, we grow our own hops overlooking the wildering Wicklow forests, mountains, lakes and with an eagle-eyed view of the Irish Sea.

The Wicklow Wolf Hop Farm is the first commercial hop farm in Ireland in over 20 years. Here we grow over 12 varieties including Chinook, Cascade, Perle, Bramling cross, Fuggle. Challenger, Apollo.



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