Clean, Re-package & Recycle!          

Biltong Chief’s stylish new cooler bags can be returned and re-used, reducing the impact on the environment.

If you wish to recycle, the please ensure that you:

1. Clean – Please ensure cooler bags are clean and are in good condition for recycling. Please keep coolers that have been used multiple times for daily use, or if any liquids have spilled. Feel free to return single-use coolers to our courier.

2. Re-package – Please place all clean coolers neatly inside the largest Biltong Chief cooler bag you have in possession.

3. Recycle – On your next delivery, feel free to hand your clean and re-packaged coolers to our courier. They will be re-used for delivery to our customers in the future.

Thanks very much for helping us make an environmental impact toward more sustainable practices. We still have a long way to go!

Reusable Packaging Butchery Biltong Chief

The future – Plastic-Free Biltong Packaging

In 2020, Biltong Chief opened its own biltong factory in Ireland. In what seems to be an industry first for biltong, plastic-free packaging pouches are being used. While the plastic-free packaging is not available in Hong Kong (just yet) for our South African produced biltong, we hope to make this available in the future.