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Biltong Chief’s Matt Rosslee with Devon Lochhead (Regional Manager Asia, DGB Ltd)

This Saturday, the 10th October we celebrate Pinotage Day.

There are thousands of wine-grape varieties in the world. Most have occurred naturally or have mutated from other varieties, but there are also varieties that are deliberately developed by scientists by crossing two varieties. The reasons for doing so are varied: to improve the growth of vines in challenging environments, to resist disease and to increase yields.

What is Pinotage?

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Pinotage is one such hybrid grape variety, developed in South Africa by professor Abraham Perold in 1925 when he used the pollen from Pinot Noir grapes to pollinate the flowers of Cinsault. Cinsault was then called Hermitage in South Africa, hence the name Pinotage. The aim was to produce a grape variety that combined the best qualities of the parent grapes, adapted to South Africa’s growing conditions.

Pinotage is versatile and can be made into Cap Classique (South African sparkling wine), rosé, easy-drinking red and serious age-worthy bottles that can complement various cuisines. A lighter approach in cellars allows the wine to reveal more of its Pinot Noir characteristics, while suitable oak treatment adds a touch of power to the wine without being aggressive. Its agreeable tannin goes well with the sauces and spices used in Chinese cuisine, while its fruity flavour supports the spicy herbs in Southeast and South Asian dishes. (From: afoodieworld)

How do I get some?

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This year, MyiCellar will be running a Pinotage promotion from 1–10 October where over 80% of the Pinotage available in Hong Kong will be showcased under one roof.

The Giveaway

All orders placed online at Biltong Chief from 08-10 October will be entered into the lucky draw for 1 lucky winner (prize valued at over $1,000). Winner will be announced on Sunday, while recovering from a throbbing red wine hangover. Delivery will be made on Tuesday, 13 October.

I want to know more!

In this short video, wine scholar Devon will take you through his knowledge on Pinotage, and you can learn a little more about biltong, boerewors and South Africa.

Cheers, The Chief