The next few blogs will to take you through the 5 steps that will help you throw a steak barbecue that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Here is step 1 – Be The Host.

Take control of your hosting or else it’s easy to be in a spin when your guests arrive. Spending hours at the grill or being cooped up in the kitchen while your friends share stories are common hosting blunders.

Order your meat online during the week and ask a few close friends to help with some sides, salads and drinks.

There’s not much more expected from the host other than to provide the main meal and to have a few ice-cold beers and bottles of wine handy. You are putting together a steak barbecue, so you need to come to the party with the steak, but we suggest you add a few convenient cooking meats for taste and variety.

Focus your attention on nailing the steak, a good rule of thumb is around 200g-250g of beef per person as the main. Biltong Chief’s Dark & Rich Grass-Fed fillet is 1.4kg – 1.8kg and should be perfect for a 6-8 person barbecue. If there are 10 of you, perhaps two Angus Tomahawk Steaks is what you’re looking for?

Pre-cooked and marinated products (Sweet & Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs or Mozambiquan Peri-Peri Chicken Drumettes) are convenient as a starter and will have your guests standing over the fire keeping the “Braai-master” company.

Save yourself from the last-minute “What must we bring?” messages, give a few close friends some due warning by asking them to bring their drinks of choice and helping out with some of these extras :

  • a cheese and some crackers;
  • an extra bag of ice;
  • a cocktail;
  • something sweet for dessert.

How nice for an invite to include only the essentials of time, place and occasion?